The Universe

Crowley's influence has been felt in "Rock Music", via Beatles, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and of course Led Zeppelin. This "British Invasion" seemed, on the surface, to be nothing more than entertainment, but out of the 60s bands, Led Zeppelin carried the torch of Thelema to the world, and defined the sound as "Heavy Metal." Jimmy Page opened the first occult book shop in London, and was a most avid collector of Crowleyan artifacts. He also bought Boleskine Castle on Loch Ness, Crowley's home and temple for many years.

When Led Zeppelin ended in 1980, this "torch" of English rock gods was passed to the band Queen. Bandleader Freddie Mercury carried the torch of power, and Queen was indeed the last supergroup to achieve world wide megastardom. Thee genuine article went underground, as Heavy Metal mutated into "Industrial." This of course brings us to thereigning king of English experimental Majick "Musick" Genesis P Orridge, whose emanation of Psychic TV is now "Carrying thee torch of Thelema" to the world.

Many fractals, splinter groups, and various magickal collectives, are contributing their piece of the puzzle, as a new form of Rave acid Ambient temple tripping Trance currently expands worldwide, while all night setting foolmoon gatherings, rituals, and true tribal circles are spiraling out. What about Crowley? His spirit of guiltless sexuality, dionysian rave and roll, and shamanic psychedelic medicine use is now being acknowledged as clear a reminder of part of the occult renaissance that never dies, that just keeps getting deeper, more refined, and more "occult Hidden." The last "Thing" Master Therion did before he left this earth, was give us the Thoth Tarot. These doorways into thee majickal realm, are by far the most vital, "Living" Example of The Great Beast 666, whose law is love, and word is Thelema.