The Magus

The master Therion, also known as Aliester Crowley, is the most highly regarded authority on the subject of majick, its science and application. Born in 1875, the year of the creation of the Theosophical Society, he was the son of fundamentalist Christian Plymouth Brethren missionaries who tormented young Aliester daily with severe beatings, sadistic disciplines, and constant abuse. His parents claimed he was "possessed by demons" that he was a manifestation of the Antichrist, that he had come from the bowels of Satan to create hell on earth. He once said that all this torture drove him to seek escape into "myths and mystery, majick, and anything "esoteric, erotic, exotic, and of course non- Christian."
"Satan be my god" was a constant mantra that he used any time his preacher parents started their relentless assaults. While in school, he stated "In England in the gay 90's homosexuality is the order of the day." As Aliester began to mature, it became more and more clear to him that his destiny, his will, his mission and path, was to articulate clearly the true purpose of life.

At the age of 29, Crowley's great "Event" took place in Cairo, Egypt. The year was 1904. An angel named "Aiwass" appeared to Crowley and dictated a book of revelations to him over the course of three days, while his wife Rose was in a trance. It proclaimed the word "Thelema" as the word of the Aeon of Horus, and that a new cycle of evolution had begun, in which the current ways, systems of religion, and ideas of knowledge would be annihilated. Great wars were prophesied, and the religion of the stars was explained. Crowley himself did not believe this "book of the law." Terrible wars in Europe, the declaration of a new world governing body, and the return of the ancient religions were all predicted by "Aeon of Horus."

Then, years later, war began to spread all throughout Europe. Hitler emerged to proclaim the Thousand Year Reich. There arose the idea of "A new world order" and soon indeed, the United Nations, chartered in San Francisco, began the preliminary stages of a world government. Especially intriguing was the rise of neo paganism as the universal religion of this New World Order. The unfolding of these events proved to Crowley beyond any shadow of doubt that his book, his revelation was real. At long last, after burying it away for many years, Crowley got out the book dictated by his strange visitor and began to read it anew. One cannot really understand Crowley without reading his book of revelation, the word of Aeon of Horus, his "Book of Law" whose principle commandment is "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law."