Studies by Douglas Brooker

Kim. I interviewed Kim at the now defunct Gorky's in Hollywood. We each had a glass of "house" brew (a watery, burpy, ill-tasting pilsner, no doubt hastening their demise). Her eagerness to do a shoot as soon as possible clued me into the desperate state of her personal life. During the shoot we both drank a lot of vodka. She was also on Methadone, which I didn't know. You know, where they give you something you need but wag the old finger, "Bad girl, Bad Girl, Baaaaaaaaad Girl! Now do you have that $400?" A week later I got a call from her at four in the morning, from jail. The last time I saw Kim was after jail, and she looked good. It has been a long time since I've called anyone up from jail at four in the morning. I wonder what Kim is up to just about every other day.

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