Studies by Douglas Brooker

Julie. Seen here demonstrating Break - thru Product allowing television viewing lying flat -on -your -back ! Prescribed only by a doctor for those unfortunate souls with whiplash injuries or undifferentiated "soreness" about the body from uninsured accidents (auto, employer, etc, etc). Consult your Personal Injury Attorney to qualify.
Julie and I go a long ways. She always came around wanting me to make her look "glamorous" with my camera. "I've lost 30 pounds," she would explain. "I need pictures now"! I took this shot during one of her "thin" phases. I am not going to say how she achieved this. All I know is, I put a 50s dress on her and some ludicrous glasses, and here she is. She's a kind of genius in her own way, and I consider her one of my very best friends. Maybe the best.

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