"Clit Club" may have more hard-core cabaret (the syringe shows are squeamishly infamous), and "Torture Garden" may have a bigger body count! But in the ever spiralling London fetish scene, designer supremo Velda Lauder's "Fantastic" club night is matchless.

The venue's a blast. A large industrial elevator drops down a converted Brixton warehouse into several well appointed dancefloors where the mix of blazing exhibitionism, erotic playrooms plus classical and dance music makes for England's most ravishingly lavish pervo party par excellence! Now running the monthly club alongside her fashion emporium "Pagan Metal" (named from her two favourite words), Velda's exotic Jamaican/Cuban/Irish
bloodline speaks volumes:
"I was brought up in Dublin by my mother and grandmother," she explains in her creamy Irish brogue, "both very strong, outrageous women - second or third generation dominatrixes without really knowing it! I was always making clothes 'cos it was in the family. My mother always used to make up PVC hot-pants and jackets sets. We used to go round in our red-ensembles and our black-ensembles. She was a very fashionable woman. I've always had a thing for big black PVC coats since."