Martionii Jeans Interview

interview with Martinii

by Lise Rehanek



for the power bitch in you


Martinii, designer of Martionii Jeans, has a few words for all of us on how to go about creating a new world order of jeans. With original fabrics that have outrageous shine appeal, he shows us how he intends to make a statement of mammoth proportions.

Can the Guess phenomenon be repeated (turning 24 pairs of jeans into a $440 million business)?

Why not, history repeats itself... Why not with Martionii Jeans?

What is the viability of that happening again?

A good chance - with the right directional designer like myself.

Can a powerful image ever limit you? Can a stereotype be a liability?

No, because I will create a more powerful image.


Why did you decide to create your own fabric?

I couldn't be creative with the fabric that the industry offered.

What materials do you use? What do they offer that was lacking?



What lifestyle choices do you associate with your jeans?

Club people, trendy people who dine at the restaurants and attend social events.

Do jeans have a global impact?

Yes, everyone wears them.

Are jeans all-encompassing, or would you like to expand to other arenas?

Once I make a global statement I will expand with a different division.


Is there a stigma related to jeans that no longer applies? Are they too casual? Can jeans be worn anywhere?

Jeans are very casual because they can be worn anywhere.

What would couture jeans be?

Just a higher mark up with a good promotional team.

Who would you most like to see in your styles?

Power bitches

What do you think of other brands like Levi's, Guess, Big Star, Lucky, Calvin Klein... (in terms of marketing, style, attitude)?

It is all promotional hype.

Have the status lines gone stale?

They are all passé. It's time for the new stuff.

What do you offer that the others lack?

Style, direction, originality at an affordable price.

What started you down this path?

I modeled for several years. I later got into designing.

What is the Martionii Jeans campaign promise?

Attitude with style. Establishment for the new era.


What will you be doing in the year 2000?

Jeans. Talking through a computer.




Designer: Martionii Jeans by Martinii

Jeans: Hip Huggers

Fabric: Laminated Denim

Photos: Henry W. Han

Stylist: Janet Wu

Model: Yvette Thomas

Hair: Fredy Arboleda

Hair Asst: Idalmis Herrera

Body Painting: Gabriel