Sorcerer's Apprentice



Formaldehyde Boy
London's Bad Boy artiste Damien Hirst
by Diane Mooney

"A child looks at a mountain and sees a mountain; a man looks at a mountain and sees many things; a wise man looks at a mountain and sees a mountain." - Buddhist Proverb


The wordsmiths of the artworld, those who try to use words to describe things which are best "experienced" and who over-intellectualize the posturing of paint, glass, dead animals, formaldehyde and PVC - have had a field day with young Damien Hirst. Some call Hirst a media-junkie, but he makes extremely good copy and the analysts have repaid him by making him rich and famous. Of course it doesn't hurt that his works were bought early on by Charles Saatchi, a sure way to gain favour in all the right circles.

For those who have been away from the planet for the past few years, Damien Hirst is the anointed saviour of the international art scene (primarily New York, London, and lots of rich Germans), who replaced Jeff Koons, who replaced Julian Schnabel, as the lad most likely to be guest of honour at all the best cocktail parties.