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Artist and alternative journalist Doris Kloster has been a freelance photographer since 1983, shooting editorial features, print advertising, record albums and book covers in London, Paris, Milan and New York City.

Doris has been featured in and curated art gallery exhibitions in New York City, Berlin, Boston, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Her elegant black and white and color portraits, nudes and interior studies deal with issues of sexuality, power and gender. A self-titled book of her photographs, published by Taschen, was released in February 1996. It is available through Rizzoli Bookstores (1 800-52-BOOKS). The book explores the world of dominance and submission using scenes of control and restraint, seduction and repulsion, pleasure and pain. It was shot on location in the private chambers of the world's most famous dominatrixes.

Kloster is executive editor emeritus of FAD Magazine, a large format chronicle of contemporary culture that celebrates its tenth anniversary in 1996. She founded and serves as editorial director of FAD's New York office, and remains a major contributor to the magazine. Kloster hosted a television program, Doris' Demimonde, on Manhattan cable television. She has been profiled on the HBO television series Real Sex and is also a regular correspondent for Art TV/Gallery Beat.

Doris is artist in-residence in her own virtual gallery at the Time Warner Electronic Publishing world wide web site at: http://www.pathfinder.com/twep/artslink/artists.

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