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HEMP NOW ! As we face the future with a dwindling base of natural resources, an increasingly polluted and infertile planet and a serious lack of clear thinking, one solution to many of these problems is close at hand - HEMP. This unique plant has a long history of usefulness which has been denied to today's civilizations through the efforts of the oil, chemical and fiber industries to ban a competitive product with significant potential for reducing their profits. The anti-hemp campaign was fueled with misinformation and twisted with the faux morality of Reefer Madness anti-drug hype.
The powerful lobbies of the industrial conglomerates and the Congressmen they control continue to foist this unreasonable viewpoint on the American People to this day. Activate ! Buy Hemp Products !
Hemp can provide paper to save our forests, reduce dependence on pesticides and chemical fertilizers, biomass for Methanol production to reduce dependence on oil imports,and replace environmentally unsound plastics. HEMP is for real and for the future of our planet. Legalization and tax revenue from Marijuana will reduce police and prison expenses and provide massive cash available for education. The Anti-Hemp crusade and the spin-off Drug War against Marijuana are complete lies and socially destructive acts, rooted in commercial profit motives that serve no useful purpose.

THINK GREEN - Cannabis Qualifications

FOOD & FEED SOURCE - Hemp seed was one of the world's principal animal feeds until this century. Australia survived two famines in the 19th century using nothing but marijuana seeds for protein and leaves for roughage.
ECOLOGICAL CULTIVATION - Hemp is a hearty plant that grows well even in adverse conditions. Hemp is harvestable twice a year and in warmer areas can be a "year round" crop. Compared to cotton cultivation, Hemp requires NO pesticides, only natural fertilizers, ignificantly less water for irrigation and is processed into fiber with fewer chemicals.
BIRD SEED : MORE BIRDS - Prior to 1937, there were more than 10 million acres of cannabis hemp growing wild in the United States. Thousands of bird species fed off the seeds. This link has now been eradicated in the food chain. Many species who in turn feed off birds have had their populations diminished.
ANTI-HEMP PROFIT MOTIVES - Large chemical companies have created strains of grain & fiber which grow only with petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is part of the bio-engineered tomato idea where "food products" are "packaged" to be grown with chemical fertilizers using soil-depleting, faster growing techniques. Natural Hemp is simply less profitable to chemical & fertilizer producers.
FUEL FOR THE FUTURE - By the year 2000 it is estimated that the US. will have burned 80 percent of its petroleum resources. Coal resources may last 100 years or longer, but have drawbacks in burning due to its high sulfur content which contributes to acid rain. Hemp is an excellent source of biomass for Methanol production. Methanol is a practical auto fuel today, cars which can use it are being mass produced by GM, Ford, & Chrysler and sold now. Methanol is the most viable alternative clean fuel for autos. Electric cars are very limited in utility, costly and merely exchange vehicle pollution for nuclear, coal or oil power plant emissions.
COAL SUBSTITUTE - Hemp can be converted to high grade charcoal. This can replace coal as an energy source in some applications. Hemp charcoal contains no sulfur. Coal emissions are responsible for Acid rain, which now in New England registers between vinegar and lemon juice on the pH scale and has certainly bad effects on any life form trying to survive off it. The ecosystem of the entire eastern US has been significantly affected.
NATURAL PLASTICS (organic) - According to US. agricultural reports hemp can provide from 50 to 100 times the cellulose of cornstalks or sugar cane, the next-highest cellulose providers.
REAL REASONS BEHIND BAN - Petro-chemical, pesticide, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and oil companies, as well as other industries, all have an interest in keeping hemp out of business. The vast payroll of drug warriors and prison builders want to keep their jobs, suppressing your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
DRUG WAR : BAD STRATEGY - The US Government's drug war, still supported by the Clinton Administration, is rooted in evil purpose and social repression. It is an utter failure. It has criminalized drug use, formented violence, spent fortunes on cops, guns and prisions without any significant impact on the drug problem or the social causes which underlie it.

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Photos - Andrew Habeck Styling - Gayle Hagerty
Hair - Brent Haas, Architects and Heroes (SF) Makeup - Matthew M. Monzon, Architects and Heroes (SF) Shorts and Skirt: Two Star Dog (Emeryville, CA) (Burlap shift: Stylist's own) Dress jacket and slim skirt: Two Star Dog (Emeryville, CA) Models - Nicole Blackman/City (SF) / Stephanie Hodge/Mitchell (SF)

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