Agatha/NYCCL - photos: Doris Kloster

A G A T H A !
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Tom Liesegang
If you were to ask some top fashion designers who the hottest young designer working in leather is, they'd probably tell you Agatha Blois of New York City Custom Leather.
In fact, it seems that both Todd Oldham and Donna Karan have taken "inspiration" from Agatha as of late, but as my mother once told me, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
And it don't pay the rent. Since Agatha has moved more into mainstream design from a previous underground fetish-oriented style, a lot of people are taking notice. Agatha's aesthetic is using heavy bike leather in everyday wear. More and more women are showing up at work wearing a NYCCL vest with a plunging neckline or a gangster-style pin-striped leather business suit that would make any wire - rimmed, Ivy - Leagued, clean - shaven upper - middle - class office boy tremble in his wing tips.

Agatha of New York City Custom Leather

Fashion: Agatha/NYCCL Photos: Doris Kloster
Makeup: Fiona Horne Hair: Michael Johnson
Models: Raphael and Nicole

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