Classified Women

Models needed - no nudity required, but must have visually compelling presence. Faux Retro look, if genuine, considered. Or look like you do drugs even, or especially, if you don't. Walking surrealism is a plus. Call Doug at ......"
Studies by Douglas Brooker
I ran an ad something like the above about four years ago in the LA Reader. Not all of the individual phrases appeared in the same ad. I ran the ad continuously in this paper for over two and a half years, and would tinker with the text about every two or three months.
The photographs published here are the result of that ever - permutating ad. Naturally there are many more images, and I am hopeful in the future to exhibit more images in other media, but the real significance of the photographs is my personal, very emotional attachment to both the individual women who responded, often laughingly, to the ad, and the odyssey - like process I went through photographing them. I will not use that word you can see coming from a mile away.... Okay. Cathartic. Nonetheless, these chicks changed my life. Some people run personal ads to change their lives. I went a little further, by not going as far. Pretty much all of the women I photograph stay a part of my life.
I'm a middle-aged guy. The absence of a sexual agenda has allowed me to get inside lives like I never could before, whereas the sexual quality of these relationships, because I walk in with a camera, has allowed an even deeper quality or "trust" than some some standard-issue friendship.
In a matter of five years, my camera, or cameras, have become like my face. Without it, I am nothing.

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