Re: Behavior Modification

Last night I experienced what I could probably describe as one of the most intense situations I've ever undertaken. H.R., a new client, and I had our first session, which proved to be my first real exploration into absolute dominance. As all is still fresh in mind without time to formulate opinions and/or exaggerated memory references, the following is a basic account of the scenario and result.

Client: H.R.

  • Occupation: Freelance software designer for global trade corporations.
  • Age: Early 30's
  • Physique: Approx. 6ft/blnd/brn, rounded but not fat
  • Personal data: Baptist, converted to Judaism. Married to chiropractic student. Resides in Manhattan Beach.
  • Character: Soft-spoken, high intelligence, childlike earnestness characteristic of non-egocentric intelligencia.

Fantasy: Initial fantasy involved super intelligent succubus who feeds off energy rather than blood. She seduces him and forces him to enter her into the Net so that she can feed off the intelligence without repercussion. He, as a result, is enslaved to her for fear of being put to death. She also ensnares him by introducing him to her succubus powers, which feed off of him in minimal amounts with regular but safe frequency. (As commented upon: A drop of water from the River Lethe is twice as intoxicating for the living as a drop of energy is for the dead.)


Situation: After the final panel at the SCI/FI Con. we met at my room to discuss fantasy, limitations, etc. After two hours of conversation he was placed in a current receiving c. ring with twine bondage underneath his clothing. Went to Cyber party at Park where computer technology, techno wastelands and virtual lifestyles were the main thrust of interest. Stayed for approx. 2 hours before returning to the room.

Upon return he was sent to the lounge, I showered, laid out the ropes of all varying sizes, extra durable masonry twine, tight blindfold, electric pulsating unit, etc. Retrieved him when organized. After half an hour conversation on the decline of IBM as a business, technology in Japan and US, virtual reality and Japanese technology, Future Sex, Erotic Sci-Fi etc., we went back into the room.

Client was immediately asked to disrobe. Initial bondage was removed and redone. Hair in French twist style with oriental stick. Opal face powder, burgundy lipstick, sheer black body suit with chiffon breast plates. No shoes or jewelry or extreme accenting.

Began with soft interrogation as to proper social graces when entertaining a lady. Blindfold applied. Areas of fault brought to surface, i.e.: confusion as to direction of proper hotel from origin, lack of introductory manners, inattention to basic needs (i.e.: getting water, ashtrays), inattention to conversations begun by other men, loss of gift shirt, etc.

Bondage initiated. Hands restrained by shackles at sides, ropes brought thru, extended around thighs, clamps applied to nipples, c/b bondage applied.

Asked to place self, head down, on bed with legs on floor. Interrogation furthered. Basic disciplinary forms presented along with contradicting erotic sensations. Forced to explain behavior, but all was done in looped rhetoric so that no answer would apply properly.

After an hour turned into basic sex toy once genders were reversed. Anal insertion used to dilate area to be electrified.

Go to electric pulse: Clear dildo with charge remote for pulse, frequency; charge and shock.

2 hours of shock with subtle comments every 15 to 30 minutes. Complete sensory deprivation. Positions changed. Laid in center of bed. Hands bound straight out. Legs brought up in missionary form and bound. Connected to groin.

Intense silence. Forced bladder restraint, electric pulsating unit bound in orifice, blindfold in place.

Effect: Complete breakdown later described as absolute mortal terror. Loss of senses, literally and figuratively. "Black hole" opened. "Folding" of conscious reasoning. Client screamed out, ripped headboard from wall, had convulsions. Intense shaking, similar to hypothermia, after release. Inability to focus, concentrate, balance.

Shock content too low to secure. Conscious reasoning effectively disassembled with subconscious taking over. Similar to descriptions of P.O.W. definitions of intellectual snapping.

Was bathed and put to bed. Awakened 15 minutes later to check pulse, etc. Further discussion revealed subject had never allowed himself to go as far. Thought he was in restraint for 6-8 hours. Sense of time, place, etc. obliviated.

Fears still apparent:

  • After bedrest still disoriented
  • Felt complete disconnection from "real" world
  • Confused as to what happened
  • Discussed true behavior modification and war style techniques
  • Subject completely shocked by ability to be snapped in "contrived" situation

Personal Notes:
For me it was the first time ever allowed to utilize information and procedure assumed and witnessed. Effects somewhat shocking. His violent adrenaline force directly followed by absolute breakdown not anticipated. Witnessing of collapse of reason and senses fascinating in a disgustingly morbid way. Suddenly understood wartime misfortune and psycho sexual propaganda on a new level. After realizing he was not going to be maimed or die, indifference set in, which was somewhat disturbing.

Considering incorporating entire situation into a short story to be set in cyber-wasteland America. Gov't disciplinarians use such modification openly by offering money to test applicants, similar to drugs tests of the '60s. As it is obvious only artists, derelicts, deviants and the desperate would respond, such techniques will be used to break the will of revolutionary threats.


[ FAD assures you that this is purely a work of fiction and that no electrons were harmed during its production. ]