The Red Lips Of The Octopus
by Aliester Crowley

The red lips of the octopus
Are more than myriad stars of night.
The great beast writhes in furier form
than thirty stallions amorous!
I would they clung to me and stung! would they quenched me with delight.

The red lips of the octopus.
They reek with poison of the sea
Silent and hot and langourous
My skin drinks in their slaver warm,my sweat his wrapt embrace excite
The heavy sea rolls languidly over the ensanguined kiss of us
We strain and strive, we die for love. We linger in the lust fight
We agonize; our clutch becomes more cruel and murderous.
My passion splashes out at last. Ah! with what ecstasy I bite
The red lips of the octopus.