Sacramental Melodrama Four hour play whose set consisted of Jodorowsky in motorcycle leather who proceeded to slit the throats of geese, smash plates, strip and whip, append snakes to his chest, dance with a cow's head, and castrate a rabbi.

Fabulas Panicas Weekly comic strip in Mexico City. Later Pauline Kael in her review of El Topo was to link it with the underground comics of R.Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, and others.

Fando and Lis Premiered shortly after the Mexican army crushed the student movement, with a massacre in downtown Mexico that Jodorowsky had witnessed the aftermath of. The film is the journey of Fando and his paralytic friend Lis, through trash and despair to the elusive city of Tar. At one point a man drew blood from Lis's arm, poured it into a wine glass, and drank it. Jodorowsky claimed that everything was real. Critics compared the film unfavorably to Fellini's Satyricon.

El Topo(The Mole) Jodorowsky wrote, directed, scored the film, and stars in it. As the film starts it looks like a western and a man and his son (played by his real son Brontis) arrive at a frontier town filled with human corpses, butchered animals, rivers of blood. El Topo castrates the Colonel responsible, and takes his woman and rapes her. Later Mara falls before an upright stone and water /urine/ semen squirts her face. Jodorowsky writes in the script, "The stone is an exact replica of my phallus: thick, not very long, but with a voluminous head. That's how the rock is. That's El Topo's sex." El Topo seeks out masters to kill, dispatches them one by one and eventually wanders into a hell town filled with the symbols of America, the ultimate representation of a warped society.

The Holy Mountain It opens with a Christ-like thief crucified in the desert and a marketplace of crucified lambs. The plaza is taken over by the "Great Toad and Chameleon Circus," whose colors are red, white, and blue. At the end Jodorowsky says, "This is maya." He topples the table, and instructs the camera to zoom back. As it does it reveals lights, microphones, and technicians.

Santa Sangre Santa Sangre is Alexandro Jodorowsky's most recent twisted masterpiece. A young boy, Fenix (played by Alexandro's sons Aden and Axel Jodorowsky), is raised by his brutal father and fanatic mother in the dark, maddening world of the circus. He is committed to an asylum at the tender age of eight, after witnessing the gruesome scene of his father butchering his mother's arms from her torso and then slitting his own throat. At twenty, Fenix escapes from the asylum, finds his mother, and is entangled in her sad, twisted world of demands, indescribable pain, madness, and murder. Salvation, for Fenix, comes in the form of the innocent Alma, who has loved Fenix from childhood and makes it her goal to rescue him from the clutches of his mother before it is too late. Jodorowsky spent six years creating the tale that became Santa Sangre, his personal, poetic vision of madness and murder.
In December,1970, it was announced		
 that an added feature was being  	
  shown at New York's Elgin Theater	  	
	 at midnight - "a film too heavy to be 	
shown any other way."  The film			
	was an enormous cult hit, the director   		
becoming one of the most	
    controversial in 		
cinema history.	

That director was 			
	Alexandro Jodorowsky.		

The film was    			
El Topo.			

	Mime, stage director, cartoonist,      	
avant-gardist, comic book writer,        
filmmaker and Tarot reader Alexandro 			
Jodorowsky has made six films,	        
with El Topo and Santa Sangre       	
standing out to some as works of a 			
Like him or not,    
Jodorowsky's brave vision
   and firm stance in the art world		
is definitely something to be        	
viewed and possibly challenged.			
		With a two-year		     
production involvement in
Frank Herbert's Dune, 			
one can only wonder if it        	
would have been the first 			
Star Wars of its time,		
had it been completed.

FAD delves into the 		
super-conscious mind of a   			  
maverick filmmaker and artist,			
who talks of mysticism,			
serial killers,
and the great butterfly.		
Or perhaps nothing at all.			
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