"I'm always looking for new materials which shouldn't be on the human form. That's my whole philosophy. I get the most unusual materials and make them look like they're restructuring
the body.

Everything is cut to enhance the look of a woman - legs as long as possible, waist as small as possible. Fantastic is a whole melting pot of all those aspects of women and whatever creativity they have to express."

A recent Fantastic profile building foray at a large party in Paris was one of France's rare public
fetish fashion events.

"It's all private dungeons and individual scenes over there. Street fashion doesn't really mix in the way it does in the UK. But it was a great opportunity to put on a large show and stock up the shops."

The discrete charm of the Parisian bourgeoisie is a world away from her personal style.

Her Lauder-than-bombs disposition and several inflamed personal relationships have led to injunctions - and even occasional expulsions from other clubs - but Velda remains cheerfully pragmatic: "I'm not a very sexually oriented person really. But I'm at my most creative when I'm up against complex partners.

"To be honest, I either need to be mega-famous or dead. How? Probably by very fast car, murder or throwing myself off a building for a dare! This far, an angel must have saved me from myself!"

Wings of desire, for sure.