I liked meeting new men just about as much as I liked sugar in my coffee, the smell of wet fur, and having my teeth pulled. Each new encounter brought me a rash of some kind, and I'd grown bored; bored stiff, like the bodies I stepped over when I walked out my front door in the morning. I'd slipped in a blood puddle and just couldn't recover.

My so-called best friend called to tell me about him, (friends are fine, but I'm too wise to trust them) and I was expectin' something other than the regular dose of ennui, and all that existential stuff. I was looking for something different. I wasn't a girl who took new paths very often but when I did; they had better be damn impressive.

He told me he'd take me to another world, and when I snickered he said, "I like a girl who finds the tragic amusing."
Well I've always been one for slippery tongued, silver screen drivel, and hot into character I jumped, so to speak. "I like a guy who's dead by dawn."

"I've played with dangerous dollies before, sweetheart. Let me in the door and I'll take you on the kind of adventure you'd beg a Sugar Daddy for."

"I'll drop you in the dumpster with a cool kiss." I told him and when he laughed instead of squirming, well you can guess what I did next, can't you? ....and remember you didn't see a thing. No, no, those were not screams. After all, a friend is like a diamond, it lasts you awhile. A guy lasts an instant and afterwards you just got a whole lotta mess to clean up.

She's a deadly dolly, with oh, so slippery motions. Her body coils and curves up the stairs like a new and improved slinky with a razors edge. She's a killer.....of smiles, of dreams, of your expectations. She drops them in a dumpster with a cool kiss.